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''In 2016 my health literally went down the drain. I kept on going to my GP and leaving feeling like I was crazy. After multiple potential diagnoses from IBS to an under-active thyroid, I took charge of my health and started my journey to wellness. It's been tough, rough and all sorts.

I experimented and changed my diet, discovered mushrooms, started meditating, became vegan at the end of 2018 and finally feel my best self. I now include herbs and medicinal shrooms in my diet most days. 

Myshrooms was never meant to be a business, it started off as an Instagram page to share the benefits of mushrooms and help as many people as possible. 

After sharing the snacks I made at home with friends at a lovely vegan cafe in East London, The Love Shack, the owners loved them and ended up stocking them! 

Since then 100's of people have tasted the love in them. I am so excited to continue sharing my passion with others and help those who need it along the way''

0% junk | n0 gluten | n0 refined sugar | n0 soy 

snacks with mediCinal mushrooms

and tonic herbs for the mind-body-soul

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