Cordyceps is considered a life-enhancing herb in the Chinese Tonic Herbal system.


Cordyceps is used to increase blood oxygenation and cultivate Jing - the primordial energy living in the kidneys. Increased Jing restores the deep energy expended as a result of excessive exertion, adapting to stress or from aging. This leads to improved core energy, cellular performance, endurance and reduced recovery time


This is one of the extracts we use in our shnacks. At home, we add it to all types of dishes and drinks. It's the perfect match for chocolate or creamy smoothies, if you've tried our shnacks you'll know this already.


This is a 10:1 Cordyceps CS-4 (Cordyeps Sinensis) organic extract where the medicinal properties have been extracted using hot water.

  • Polysaccharide content minimum 30%
  • Beta glucan content minimum 15%
  • Hot water extracted
  • No added fillers, binders or other ingredients
  • Organically certified (CERES - Germany)


What can Cordyceps help with?

  • Energy, stamina & endurance
  • Stress and Immune system
  • Liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs
  • Adrenal health 
  • Blood oxygenation
  • Immune response & recovery


Dose: we recommend starting with a small amount ( ¼ tsp daily) so that you can connect with how it's working within you and come to realize what your individual perfect dose is.  Slowly build up to a good heaped tsp per day. If you feel it's too much cut down, trust your intuition and your mind-body-spirit's needs.


This pouch contains 50g. Enough to keep you going for 2 months.


Cordyceps Mushroom Extract

  • Cordyceps sinensis (Cs-4, SMF Mycelium).

0% junk | n0 gluten | n0 refined sugar | n0 soy 

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